AN OLD VILLAGE ON THE TARN 9-8-2014 6-23-34 PM. travel, flowers, windows, cemeteries, food, paris, france, color, brick, castles, feet, cemetery, vegetables, birds, rose, les, seine, fruit, cheese, architecture, bronze, photography, death, this, moss, hands, europe, wine, metro, eiffeltower, obsession, tourist, musee, luggage, desserts, cobblestone, invalides, sunflowers, vin, ate, provence, toulouse, notre, dame, pastries, tombstones, montparnasse, loire, loirevalley, blanc, wandering, sculptures, rodin, jardins, toulouselautrec, claudel, archdetriomphe, tulleries, gardins, iloveparis, tarnriver, camiile, iphoneography, instagram. buy photo
AN OLD VILLAGE ON THE TARN 9-8-2014 6-23-34 PM
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