that zigzag got me, along with the silly drips on the sidewalk below, in the next image.

(a <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/gail/159447157/">silly</a> versus <b>annoyingly serious</b> duet of afternoon shots.)

here's what's annoyingly serious for me for this upload:   i don't know why i didn't straighten the image.  i decided against it once while shooting, once when adding a little shadow contrast and then again just before uploading.   i sort of love all that internal fuss and bother that goes with photo making. framing/cropping, choices about contrast, sharpness and all the other rendering we can do now in camera or later.    it's maddening at times, and petty and internal ... but it has to be a big part of what makes me shoot shadows, shapes, fragments.   

like doing  puzzles.  annoying, but that is part of the appeal for me. 

on the other hand, maybe zigzag = silly, too!

. red, urban, abstract, lines, wall, paint, shadows, duet, wires, evidence, fotogail, themeelectric. buy photo
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