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Free and legal access to licensed content from real people


Because it’s a great way to have Lobster’s awesome content on your website or blog - for free! Whether it’s cool images of locations, shots that have captured people in their moment, or photos with the latest social trends and events, Lobster’s selection of UGC will add an extra dimension to your work.


Embedding will give you direct access to over 37 billion images and videos - all for free. Simply embed the image or video into your text with a link back to the author’s page on Lobster. If you decide you want to use the image or video more extensively, you can buy the full rights at an affordable price from the author on Lobster - and so can your readers! By embedding photos you also help our community of real people photographers promote their photos and get paid. Easy peasy.


Everyone loves free stuff, but it’s also important that the owner gets full recognition. Embedding through Lobster is a legal way of being able to feature the author's’ content while still respecting their rights. For a full explanation of the legalities behind embedding and UGC licensing, please view our Terms and Conditions.

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Why Use Lobster Photos on A Blog?

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When you’re illustrating a blog or story, you want your photo to be fresh - to come from real people, so it's new and impressive for the audience. You also want to catch their eye with quality, authentic photos that will make them take notice. User generated content (UGC) is becoming the go-to method for savvy blog writers and press members that want to strike a chord with their audience and build better relationships. That’s why using UGC images and videos is now one of the most powerful and affordable ways to tell stories.

Lobster’s online marketplace makes it easy to search, license and download authentic images with royalty free permissions from the users, now available for free at Lobster. Creatives have spent far too much time trawling through generic stock photos trying to find great images that represent their ideas. More often than not, they spend more time trying to buy new images and videos than they do on the blog article. New free photo embed service for bloggers at Lobster offers real, local, fresh pictures that capture real moments you want to share.