1. How do I sign up

    It’s easy to get started and there’s nothing to upload. Just click [sign up] above and choose which of your accounts to connect (Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Google Photo, Dropbox, Verizon Cloud, VK or Vimeo). Once you’ve signed in, you can just select which photos and videos you would like to sell. To save time, you might prefer to make your entire collection available by using the “sell all” button.

    Remember to add your other accounts too as this could increase your sales.

  2. Can I keep some photos or videos private?

    Absolutely. We only ever sell the content you tell us to. In your profile section, under “My Content” you can choose what to make available by ticking each item. Only ticked items will be available to purchase and everything else remains private.

  3. Can I sell photos individually?

    Yes you can, just visit your profile and tick a single photo. Or alternatively, simply tag it on social media with #ilobsterit.

  4. When do my photos go on sale?

    As soon as you’ve selected which photos to make available, they’re on sale immediately. You can view them by typing a description or hashtag into the search box above.

  5. How will I know when someone buys something?

    We will send you an email when someone buys something. To find out more about the purchase, you should visit your profile and click on “My Content” and then “Show only purchased”. This will display all of the content that has been bought from you.

  6. How do I get paid?

    When you make a sale you get credits and these can be turned into cash by simply clicking “Pay Out” in your profile. Payments are made securely through Paypal and by default we use the email address that you registered with as your Paypal account email. If you use a different address for Paypal, just edit this in your profile and we’ll send the money there instead.

  7. Are my photos protected?

    Putting an end to social media piracy is very important to us and we do all we can to protect your content. Protection is available at two levels. Firstly, at no cost, we add a watermark which reduces the chance of an illegal download. And secondly, for just £1 a month we can embed a stamp which tracks usage after purchase. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information regarding your rights.

  8. Can I upload to Lobster?

    Good news, you don’t need to upload directly to Lobster as we just synchronise the accounts you add to your profile.

  9. Do you download or change my photos?

    We won’t alter your photos aside from adding a watermark to protect them.

  10. Can you see my private photos?

    No. We only display photos and videos that you’ve made available for sale.

  11. How do I tag the photos?

    Please be as descriptive as you can when you tag your photos and videos on social media as this will help it to be found by purchasers. Our technology also gives you an extra boost by auto-tagging your content as well as adding a description.

  12. What is a Premium Author and Content Protection?

    When you become a Premium Author, you unlock a set of additional tools which help you to sell more content. These include a new search feature that lets you find photos within your own collection that contain certain subjects, so that you can tag them correctly. For example, you’ll be able to quickly locate every image containing a dog and then tag them with #dog in a single click. By doing this, the photos will appear higher in the Lobster rankings and be visible to more buyers.

    Content Protection is an extra service which helps you to control the usage of your content after it’s been purchased. It involves embedding a special stamp directly into your photos and videos, which is in addition to the normal pre-purchase watermark.

    Becoming a premium author costs just £5 a month and Content Protection is available for £1 a month - even if you have thousands of photos.

  13. Can I add my own watermark?

    We automatically apply our own watermark so there’s no need to add your own. If you want to protect your photos and videos after they’ve been purchased, we can embed a special stamp which tracks usage. You can add this technology for just £1 a month.

    For more information about how we protect your rights, please refer our terms and conditions.

  14. What is a Model Release Form?

    When a photo or video contains a clearly identifiable person, including yourself, we need you to upload a “model release form” which is signed by the model in question. When you do this, it allows a purchaser to use the item in a commercial campaign, rather than just for editorials. Photos with model release forms earn up to £20 extra per licence.

    How to add a model release form

    • Download this:
      Adults: https://lobster.media/docs/model_release.pdf
    • Visit https://lobster.media/profile/my-content and click on the edit symbol in the right hand corner of the photo in question.
    • Click “add model release” and upload your completed form (as a PDF or JPG).
  15. How can I delete my account?

    To delete your account, just visit your profile and use the "delete account" button on the right.

    We’re really keen to learn more about your experiences as we’re always looking to improve our service. We would be grateful if you could spare the time to share any feedback by emailing us directly at [email protected]

  16. Can I reduce my Paypal fees?

    When anyone buys one of your photos or videos, you receive around 75% of the purchase price which is credited directly into your Paypal account. How much you can then subsequently withdraw will depend on the Paypal fees in your country, which can reach up to 33% of the original transaction amount.

    However, there could be a way to reduce these fees by switching on Paypal’s “Micropayments” feature. Micropayments are designed for small businesses that complete many small transactions and switching them on is quite straightforward.

    Further instructions can be found here.

  17. Can I track who bought my images?

    In some cases you can find the Paypal email address of a buyer by logging into your Paypal account. However, if the buyer has a Lobster subscription, unfortunately it’s not possible to identify them.

Questions? View our Terms & License Agreement