1. How do I sign up/ Log in?

    Find the buttons “Sign Up” and “Login” in the top right-hand corner of Lobster.media: just click and create or access your account. If you’re a creator, you can select the platforms to connect and the content to put on sale. If you’re a buyer, you can start exploring and purchasing all the licensed content on Lobster.media.

  2. Can I keep some content private?

    Absolutely! You can always choose what to show and sell on Lobster.media. Go in your profile section, under “My Content”, and choose what to make available by ticking each item. Only ticked items will be available for sale - everything else will remain private.

  3. Can I sell photos individually?

    Yes. Just visit your profile and tick the single photo you want to put on sale. Also, if you have your Instagram account connected to Lobster.media, you can ass the specific post on Instagram with the hashtag #LobsterUpload. IT will automatically appear on your Lobster profile, available for sale.

  4. When do my photos go on sale?

    As soon as you’ve selected which photos to make available, they’ll be on sale. Although, it could take up to a day to showcase them to potential buyers.

  5. How will I know when someone buys something?

    We will send you an email when someone buys your content. On your profile there is a dedicated section in which you can see all the content you’ve sold.

  6. How do I get paid?

    When you make a sale on Lobster.media, you get credits. These credits can be turned into money in your profile. Payments are made securely through Stripe.

  7. Are my photos protected?

    We protect all the content on Lobster.media by applying a watermark on every piece of content. This reduces drastically the chances of illegal downloads.

  8. How can I upload content on Lobster?

    You don’t need to upload content “directly” on Lobster.media. You can just synchronise the accounts where you store that content with your Lobster profile. It’s way more efficient, don’t you think?

  9. Do you download or change my photos?

    We don’t alter your photos aside from adding a watermark to protect them from potential illegal downloads.

  10. Can you see my private photos?

    No. The only content visible on Lobster.media is the one you made available for sale.

  11. How do I tag the photos?

    You can tag the photos from your profile. Be as descriptive as you like, and this will increase the chances to be found and selling your content. Consider that Lobster.media helps you out by auto-tagging your content and adding descriptions.

  12. What is a Model Release Form?

    When a photo contains a clearly identifiable person - yourself included - a signed “model release form” is needed to make the photo legally saleable. We make this process very easy with a super quick online form. Also, consider that photos with a signed model release form, increase in price - £20 extra each

    How to add a model release form:

  13. Can I delete my account?

    Yes. To delete your account, visit your profile and select the “delete account” button. When you’re account has been deleted, it’s not possible to resume it.

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