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Why are we supporting Alzheimer’s associations?

Someone in the world develops dementia every 3 seconds, yet global public awareness remains low. 50 million people with dementia and their care partners can directly benefit from the increased capacity of Alzheimer associations and others to address stigma, advocate and provide support. Fundraising campaigns remain few and far between for such a global issue - leaving many without the support they require.

What is Memory Donation?

Through the Memory Donation campaign, Alzheimer’s Disease International and Lobster are combining their efforts to raise awareness and crucial funds for dementia. Funds are generated via your ‘memories’ - images that are special to you and could make a difference to those affected by dementia - will then be sold to the creative industry for digital campaigns. Each piece of content sold will result in 80% of the donation going to the local Alzheimer association , with the other 20% aiding global efforts

How can you help?

Donate your memories from social media to help ADI, Alzheimer associations worldwide and people living with dementia and their care partners. To do your part, simply join Lobster for free and use the hashtag #memorydonation on the images you’d like to donate. From there, your photos will automatically be added to the Memory Donation campaign for creatives and designers to purchase. All proceeds will go to ADI and associations globally.


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