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Dementia affects 50 million people and those that care for them. Someone in the world develops dementia every three seconds. Despite being widely recognised as one of the most significant health and social crises of this century, global awareness and contribution to dementia research remains critically low. Without investment, opportunities for improved understanding, care and, one day, a cure, are being missed.

Thus began Memory Donation. Through the combined efforts of Alzheimer’s Disease International(ADI), the international federation of Alzheimer associations worldwide, Lobster, the London-based non-retouched, user-submitted stock photo marketplace and you, we endeavour to address this problem once and for all. Together, we can generate the awareness and raise funds for essential research, care and support for those in need across the world.

To make this goal a reality, we ask for you to contribute your memories (a/k/a social media photos) which will then generate funds through purchases from creatives and designers. To donate your memories, join the Lobster marketplace and use the hashtag #memorydonation on the photos you would like to contribute. From there, all the money generated from sales will go support action on dementia, with 80% going to a local association and 20% to global efforts.

Together we can bring awareness and improved support for to all people affected by dementia. Let’s start today.


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