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A model release is a waiver that grants a legal release of an image featuring the subject signing the document. In doing so, they grant permission for the image to be published in the forms specified in the release.
Picture the scene: one of the world’s most creative agencies has just launched their new campaign, and they’ve identified your photo as the image they want to promote it. Sounds awesome, right?
If the photo features one or more people, every person in the photo must consent to its promotion. This is why Lobster uses model release forms - so it’s all done fairly, and photographers get to see the rewards.
Is your model still in doubt?
A Great Experience
It's a great collaboration between a model and photographer that gives higher possibility to the photo to appear in magazine articles and adverts, and various interesting publications.
An amazing shot on the rise
Photographers are often willing to trade a print or a digital file for a model’s signature.
Get noticed
You're special and you're one of the faces of the campaign. You also increase the chances of photography sessions in the future if you fancy becoming a photo model.
Nothing to worry about
Don’t be afraid. Lobster always makes sure to protect your integrity and public image. Customers also sign our Terms of Agreement.
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