• Full and immediate access to Lobster search for UGC photos and videos with this monthly retainer for multiple agency users
  • Complete product functionality including image recognition, face and colour detection, search by geolocation, dates, handles and quality
  • Account management and additional services: order custom content selection for your briefs, extended licenses with unlimited impressions and additional contributor clearance checks
  • Allocate all content costs to a specific client, campaign or pitch

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    Everything you need to know.
    What is the difference between a subscription versus licensing items individually?
    Getting a subscription reduces the price per credit from £1.19 to £0.33. It also gives you access to the full AI smart search so you can filter by colour, age, faces, gender and much more. Professional and agency subscriptions also unlock a range of account services such as challenges, targeted competitions, content research, model release verifications and monthly rolling credits.
    What kind of licences are there?

    Licences are royalty free, worldwide and time indefinite. Standard and extended licences can be purchased with credits.

    Standard: 100’000 copies for print, 1 million uniques for online media, 1 million uniques for broadcast media and 1 million uniques for offline media.
    Extended: Unlimited across all media.
    Exclusive: Exclusive unlimited access (for an additional cost).

    Is the free trial really free?
    Yes! During your free trial, you can experience the AI search and download plenty of content. You’ll receive a notification 1 day before your trial is due to expire. At that point, your “Creative” subscription will automatically renew and you’ll receive an invoice. You can cancel or upgrade at any time by accessing your profile and using the cancel/upgrade option on the left-hand side of the screen.
    How can I pay for a subscription?
    You can make your monthly payments by debit card or credit card. If you would like to pay by bank transfer or direct debit, please get in touch.
    Can multiple users access one account?
    Agency subscriptions are designed to be accessed by entire teams and invoices can be produced per client. You’ll also get access to our own team who can help you with a creative brief.