Wow your clients with striking visuals
Lobster provides all the tools you need to source authentic photos and videos that make your work stand out from the crowd.
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What is Lobster
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Endless possibilities
No more boring or unengaging visuals. Choose from over 37 billion photos and videos sourced from our growing global community of diverse contributors.
The right results
Our supercharged search functions allow you to filter and find the exact imagery for your briefs. Get better, more creative and original visuals with Lobster.
How can Lobster help me?
Grow your client base and tell their story with vibrant and authentic UGC. Set yourself apart from your competition with striking, ready to license photos and videos not found anywhere else.
What makes us special?
Our team of developers are constantly working on making your job easier.
AI powered search filters
Our seamless AI-powered searched function lets you filter by colour palette, geolocation gender, age, ethnicity and more. Find exactly what you need.
Quality controlled by experts
Only get shown what’s worth showing with our innovative AI. It never stops learning and adapting to your search style.
Stay on brand
Upload sample images and our tech will filter the search to align with your desired style.
Increased resolution
Our Super Resolution feature allows upscaling to the required dimensions. Turn an Instagram snap into a leading campaign image.
Editing made simple
Pitching to clients? Give them a taste of what you can and apply their brand style to any image. Upload examples and we’ll show you the best matches.
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