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Obtain instant licenses to 7 million UGC photos and videos - with billions more available upon request.
Unique photo's, videos, graphics, GIFs, 360 and cinemagraphs to license
From Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, VK, Foursquare, Google Photos, Dropbox and Verizon. We apply smart AI tagging and machine learning algorithms to find the most relevant, aesthetic content around the world. Inspire your creative campaigns with authentic imagery.
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"Many brands are finding great value on Lobster, a rights marketplace that taps into the talent pools of Instagram, Flickr, and other.."
Looking for unique content which is exclusive to you? Tell us what you need and we'll run a photo challenge to gather entries from thousands of contributors. Challenges are included in professional and agency subscriptions.
Standard licenses cover up to 1 million worldwide views and extended licenses are unlimited forever. You'll receive a PDF license with every purchase and we work hard to arrange model releases with authors. Remove the hassle of UGC licensing.
You'll have access to the finest creatives, including some of the most exciting photographers and videographers. Creatives enjoy working with Lobster as 75% of every license fee goes directly to the author. We've created a fairer system for everyone.
In real time, Lobster uses 11 different ranking factors to bring you the highest calibre of search results. So whether you’re looking to source authentic images for a hot trend or use portrait videos for a campaign, you’ll find the right content in an instant